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Due to the material of the watch bands being silicone, it is normal to have fading over time if the engrave is filled. These can easily be refilled with paint pens from Michaels, contact me if you need to do this on yours.

Please make sure you have chosen the CORRECT WATCH BAND SIZE. Double check your order before hitting submit, thank you! There are bands for the following smart watches:
*Apple band sizes are 38/40 s/m or m/l or 42/44 s/m or m/l

The colors in the pictures may vary in person due to differences in your monitor.

Material of band is silicone. Please note that these bands are generic bands, they are not like the Apple brand bands. Material is silicone which is known to stretch over time.

No returns or exchanges
But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Also Note-Once I have shipped your band, I have no control over when your band is delivered. You will get a tracking number, however if you have not received your band you will need to contact USPS first.

Apple Watch Band

**Watchband Care**

Do NOT use alcohol or acetone

Dark colored clothing, like new jeans, can transfer/ stain your watch band.

Your band can be gently cleaned with dish soap and water.

If you have a band with colored engrave it is filled with oil based paint that WILL FADE with time. AVIOD harsh chemicals like abrasive cleaners, rubbing alcohol, paint thinners, etc.

 The engraved area may being to appear white/chalky. Place a small drop of cooking oil (any kind will work) on a toothbrush. Brush the oil into the engrave. Let the oil soak in for a few minutes, then wipe away the excess.

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